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Ultimately, a personal attack safety alarm is quite arguably the very best device that you can use to draw attention to you if you are …

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Will Defending Myself With A Stun Gun Protect Me?

Approximately thirteen million people (approximately 5% of the U.S. population) are victims of crime every year. Approximately one and a half million are victims of …

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Walking Customer Feels More Safe and Secure

“I’m an avid walker, about 7 miles/day. Often I walk in the early morning or late afternoon and my husband is always concerned for my …

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Cycling and My Need For A Personal Alarm

I am an advocate cyclist and many times I will go out cycling with different cycling teams, but there was one time when cycling alone …

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Effective Stun Gun Protection Solution

Stun guns have evolved over the past decade to become more effective, safer to use, and more discreet. It is now the case that a …

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